Swiss security monitoring solution to shorten the time between breach and detection
Hacknowledge is a Swiss security monitoring solution that will help you shorten the time between breach and detection.
Our service is built on experience and intelligence gained from more than a decade of penetration test and mitigating advanced threats
  • Update & monitoring of the sensors
  • Professional advice
  • Reporting


Bringing value to your team

  • Fully managed cost effective sensors
  • Possibility to monitor each branch-office, remote location, subnet…
  • As close as possible to the logs and threats sources

 Full coverage & lower the number of false positives

  • Swiss company
  • Swiss resident employees
  • Swiss data-center


No data crossing the borders

  • Each alert is validated and analyzed by our experts
  • Advice to help you mitigate the threat (monthly pack of hours)

You can focus on what is really important for your business

  • Hardware or virtual appliances
  • Unique blend of: Log collector, Managed IDS, Honeypots & canaries


Simple, cost effective, generating strong IOC

  • 24/7 monitoring of specific and custom sources (web, twitter,..)


Know your enemy, monitor your company exposure on the Internet

Did you know ?
average number of days to detect a breach

Breach identified

  • External party
  • Other

Security monitoring

  • No monitoring
  • Other

Smart, simple, effective

Searching the logs to find security issues is close to finding a needle in the haystack

This is why we will leverage the use of your existing security devices and fortify your logs with strong indicators of compromise generated by our custom sensors installed on your network.

Finally, our experts will provide unique insights that machines lack. Before being sent to you, each alert is validated and analyzed by our security-experts who will also provide you with advices to help you mitigate the threat.

Fortify your logs and existing security devices

Log correlation & analysis – in our Swiss datacenter or on premises
Exploit the logs & possibilities of your existing devices (WAF,IPS, Sandboxing,…)

Generate strong IOC with our sensors

Reduce noise, prevent false positives and maximize client resources.

Real time security dashboards

  • Possibility to search and exploit your logs
  • Real-time alerts & trends
  • Always up to date


Recurrent security reporting including

  • Management summary
  • Summary of latest alerts & vulnerabilities affecting your company
  • Summary of the company exposure on the Internet

Give your management the visibility they need

What they say about Hacknowledge

Thanks to Hacknowledge, exploiting my logs is now easier than reading the matrix- Thomas A. Anderson
Hacknowledge is really an important part of our new project. It is helping us to build our newt cutting edge net-based conscious group mind and artificial general intelligence secret project- Cyberdyne Systems
..more seriously, we do have references , but do not share them publicly- The hacknowledge team
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